Dry Rose Petal Natural Flower Spa Bath

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500g Dried Rose Petals Bath Tools Natural Dry Flower Petal Spa Whitening Shower Aromatherapy Bathing Beauty Beauty Supply RP1

Relieve Fragrant Body Massager
NET WT:500g
Bath SPA
Rose petal bath for beauty care is by bathing bath water stimulation and flowers for local drug force,  so clear, blood flow, so as to achieve the purpose of beauty color. Woman has always been made  of water, contaminated dust off day, off where the embers, but a tired wash, soak in the flower sea, and the reduction of the appearance of a flower fairy, when the woman is the most beautiful and moving, beautiful flower posture, so that men dumped Oh ... in pink or yellow light, clean bathtub in the air was filled with the fragrance bath milk.